81 drivers accepted to start Madeira Legend Rally

The list of competitors allowed to start, with the respective order of departure, for the second edition of the Madeira Legend Rally, has already been released.
The race, organized by the Club Sports da Madeira, will have 81 pilots on the road.
António Abel (Toyota Celica GT-Four), Hugo Lopes/ Tiago Neves (Citroen Saxo Kit Car) and Batista Corte/ José Loreto (Citroen Saxo Kit Car), all in the 'Spirit' category, were 'last minute casualties', being absent from this competition.  
The starting ceremony is this afternoon (6:30pm) and the race starts this evening, with the first two special classification events, which include a double pass through Palheiro Ferreiro (7:52pm and 9:32pm). Tomorrow there will be six more qualifying races and the Show Race, extra-competition, on Avenida do Mar.
Check out the list of competitors in the attached document.



Three expected absences from the checks

From the initial list of 84 entries, three drivers had already 'left' at the last minute, and were confirmed absent from the second edition of the Madeira Legend Rally.
Due to problems with their respective vehicles, António Abel, Hugo Lopes and Batista Corte were not expected to attend the administrative and technical checks, which took place throughout the morning of Friday, at CR7 Square.
Of the 81 expected contestants, all have passed the verification process.
The initiative brought together many motorsports fans, who followed the proceedings closely and took the opportunity to see the vehicles that will be on the road tonight and tomorrow.
The publication of the list of competitors admitted for the start will be published at 3:30 pm.
The starting ceremony begins later, at 6:30 pm, and will take place on the podium, on Avenida Arriaga, in front of the headquarters of the Club Sports da Madeira, the race organizer.



Stories 'on Wheels' told at 'Legend Talks

The CR7 Plaza received today another edition of the 'Legend Talks', an initiative inserted in the Madeira Legend Rally program, which will be on the road tomorrow and Saturday.
Before moving to the asphalt and putting hands on the wheel and foot on the gas, the late afternoon/early evening of this Thursday was filled with stories of other times, with drivers, navigators and machines as protagonists of a 'past' that Legend allows us to recover.
An opportunity to hear stories 'on wheels', told in the first person, by those who live the rallies from the inside.
Américo Campos, António Abel, Francisco Tavares, Jorge Ortigão, Hernani Roda, Pedro Melvill de Araújo, Luís Mendes Gomes, Roberto Fernandes, Juan Gomez, Rui Pinto, Rui Conceição, and Antônio Castro were the speakers at the 'Legend Talks', moderated by journalist Paulo Almada.
The 'Village Legend', at CR7 Square, was filled with motoring enthusiasts and the curious, to follow this moment made of conversations and memories.
This Friday morning, the action is once again concentrated at CR7 Square, where the technical and administrative checks will take place, between 9am and 2:05pm.



Quinta Magnólia hosted the welcome cocktail party for the Madeira Legend Rally

The Regional Government of Madeira, through the Secretary of Tourism and Culture, Eduardo Jesus, and the organizers of the Madeira Legend Rally received this afternoon, at the welcome cocktail held in the gardens of Quinta Magnolia, the competitors who will participate in the second edition of the race.
"For us it is very important that Legend happens, a race with a different historical evocation, and we are very lucky that it will join the Madeira Wine Rally, the oldest in Europe that is made without interruption. The Region wins", emphasized Eduardo Jesus, praising the work done by the organization, under the responsibility of the Club Sports da Madeira.
"I hope that this edition will serve to motivate already the third edition and that Madeira can grow in this accomplishment", said the regional secretary.
This year, the Madeira Legend Rally has a list of 84 competitors, who will take to the road tomorrow and Saturday. 
The headliner of this edition is the Swedish multi-champion and 1984 World Rally Champion Stig Blomqvist, who will drive an Audi Sport Quattro S1 EVO 2, the car he took to the Argentina Rally in 1985.



Competitors receive material for the Madeira Legend Rally

The delivery of the material to the nearly 80 competitors who will participate in the second edition of the Madeira Legend Rally is already underway.

A great movement is expected throughout the day at the headquarters of the Club Sports da Madeira, on Avenida Arriaga, with the passing of the participating teams.
Yesterday, the media also began to receive their material.
About 50 credentials were requested to follow the event, with 10 elements from outside the Region. An opportunity to publicize the race in regional, national and international media, also using digital media and social networks.
The race goes on the road on Friday and Saturday. The competitors will have eight special classification races and also the extra-competition Spectacle Race, on Avenida do Mar (6:30pm).



Organization counts on the public to have a safe rally

Safety is one of the pillars of the Madeira Legend Rally organization, which takes to the road 84 competitors on Friday and Saturday.

The organizing committee recalls that everyone is essential to ensure safety and make this race another great festival of motoring in the region.
To those who will be on the road, we appeal to you not to stay in the so-called 'forbidden zones', not to cross the road while the qualifying stage is in progress, and to comply with the recommendations of the safety elements.
If during the qualifying heats not all the necessary conditions are met, the respective heat may be cancelled.
On Friday, the night race always attracts a lot of public and another flood is expected. The organization stresses that the road will remain closed during the double pass through Palheiro Ferreiro.
The precautions continue for Saturday, with the usual contingencies of the necessary road closures, but with a special alert for the passages through Terreiro da Luta. There are soccer games in Choupana, including the meeting between Nacional and Penafiel for the II League. The displacements should be made in time, so as not to create constraints.
The organization counts, once again, on elements of the PSP, which will be in the respective stretches, as well as road commissioners, to reinforce security.
Be aware of the road closure times, which you can check on the official Rally Madeira Legend website:
Ernesto Cunha



Madeira Legend Rally with virtual option

This year, the emotions of the Madeira Legend Rally will not only be on the road.

For those who like motoring and want to experience the sensations of racing, they can opt for the virtual Madeira Legend Rally.

The initiative will take place in person at the event's 'village', at CR7 square.

A competition through a simulator that gives the participants the opportunity to 'run' some classifications.

This rally will consist of a shakedown (Palheiro Ferreiro) and Special Classification Races: Avenida do Mar and Palheiro Ferreiro (at dusk).

Registration is underway at





Delivery of documentation to the media on the 26th

The Madeira Legend Rally Organization informs that the delivery of the documentation to the Media will be made on Wednesday, October 26th.

It will take place between 2:30pm and 5:00pm, at the headquarters of the Club Sports da Madeira - Avenida Arriaga n.º 43.




Raffle of 3 co-drives in the Avenida do Mar Special Race!


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This contest ends on October 26, 2022 at 11:59 PM. The winners will be announced on October 27, 2022.

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Regional 'Legends' back on the tarmac

The Madeira Legend Rally will bring to the asphalt pilots from Madeira who haven't raced for many years.

Among the competitors, besides former world and national champions such as Stig Blomqvist and Rui Madeira, will be regional 'legends', returning to the road after three or four decades of absence.

On their return to the races, these drivers bring identical cars to the ones they used to race, allowing for an exciting trip to the past, only possible on the Madeira Legend Rally.

This is the case of Abel Spínola, who was away from racing for a long time and at the age of 60 is back with a 2000 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI, reminiscent of other rallies.

Emanuel Pereira also hasn't competed for many years and returns in this edition behind the wheel of a Renault 5 GT Turbo, similar to the one he used to drive in the late 80's and early 90's, for Bingo Lights Rally Team.

After 38 years, Juan Gomez is back to driving a racing car, a replica of his old Ford Escort RS 2000, which belonged to the old FAMATIC team.

Highlight also to the regional champion Vítor Sá, a driver who is still active, but for this race he brings a Toyota Corolla GT, lent by Francisco Tavares, allowing one more trip to the rallies of Madeira, in the 80's and 90's.
Last but not least the returns of Rui Fernandes in Ford Escort and Vasco Silva in Peugeot 205 GTI.

These are some of the many reasons for interest in the 2022 edition of the Madeira Legend Rally, which between the 27th and 29th of this month, will certainly attract the attention of motoring enthusiasts.